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Jon was previously the editor here at Whether it's big days out on the gravel bike or hurtling down technical singletracks, if it's got two wheels and can be ridden on dirt, then he's into it. He's previously been technical editor at, editor at What Mountain Bike Magazine and also web editor at Yes, he's been around the houses.


8 months 1 day ago

Or are you just salesmen?

8 months 1 day ago

Dont you care about the truth?

8 months 1 day ago

whky didnt you review?

11 months 4 weeks ago

Rob is quite right, this is a lovely frame.  Mine combines the convenience of internal cabling, the quiet comfort of steel and more mounts than you can shake a stick at.

And he's correct about sizing too.  I've been a 'medium' in frames for fifty years but Ribble's guide said 'small'.  And it fits perfectly.

Having said all that, I think £800 + delivery for a simple steel frame is pushing the envelope a bit.  If it was two hundred cheaper they would sell a lot more.

11 months 4 weeks ago

I bought this last year, only differences are standard handlebars (which have a nice flattened top shape) and 700c wheels as it does a bit more on road commuting, although I'm planning on a set of 650b wheels with slightly more off road suitable tyres on to swap out for a bit more off road action. It's a lovely riding frame, comfy but still has a bit of spring in it's step when you want it to have. Just watch the sizing, I got to try one out at bluewater so opted for a large, based on my height etc I'd technically be an XL, but these seem to come up quite big, I'd probably have a good chance of making a medium fit well if I wanted a racier fit.

I still have a dedicated road bike, but for everything else (I haven't gotten into the whole mountain bike side of things) this does the job brilliantly. And the colour is pretty awesome in real life too.

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