Panaracer launches the Gravelking SS and SS+ tyres with semi slick tread pattern for fast and dry conditions


1 week 1 hour ago

Call me skeptical, but I have a hard time seeing how these will perform appreciably different than the "original" file tread Gravel Kings.  

1 week 2 hours ago

These look ideal for my CGR, could be great for the commute (if that ever happens again) fine for a bit of dry woodland/country park paths etc, then put the 650b wheels on with something knobbly for the more off road stuff for fun.

1 week 1 day ago

Is there a 700x38 option. Every website citing the release seems to miss this size so assume it wasn't included on the release info you were given. However on the Panaracer website it lists a 700x38c version.