1 year 9 months ago

[..] total lack of rack or mudguard mounts; Lauf has stuck to its guns and made a gravel racer rather than an off-road tourer or commuter.

This is some company-with-a-death-wish energy.
How many ppl have living space to spare to accomodate a bike which is a gravel racer only?
How many ppl asked to choose between muguard mounts or 200g smaller frame weight (lets be generous) would choose marginally lower weight?
It makes some sense with a leaf spring fork, but even there they could just put back-facing mountipoints, just above leaf springs, in 1/3 of fork leg length (like it is done in Suntour touring forks). The mudguard would sit with considerable offset to make space for wheel to travel, but it would work.
They also sell this frame with a rigid fork where having no muguard mounts in both fork and the frame makes zero sense whatsoever.

1 year 10 months ago

"The Seigla has room for 57mm rubber on 700c wheels which equates to 2.25 inches; that’s some of the largest clearances we’ve seen on a gravel bike and removes the need for a separate 650b wheelset."

I wouldn't quite agree with that. A 650b set up means a smaller diameter wheel which can improve handling if you're riding tight twisty trails. 

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