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Previously Editor here at, Rachael is happiest on two wheels. Partial to a race or two Rachael also likes getting out into the hills with a big bunch of mates. In the past Rachael has written for publications such as, Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine, Mountain Biking UK, Bike Radar, New Zealand Mountain Biker and was also the online editor for Spoke magazine in New Zealand too. For as long as she's been riding, she has been equally happy getting stuck into a kit review as she is creating stories or doing the site admin. When she's not busy with all the above she's roasting coffee or coaching mountain biking in the Forest of Dean. 


4 years 2 months ago

You can actually get much cheaper than this and a bit of weight saving. The Pro-Build Chosen Hub / Alex Draw 1.9, also at Merlin, are less wide (19mm vs 24) but just 1601g and a shade under £195 for the pair. I have the rear one only and it has no problems with a 36 mm tyre.

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