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Lakes based mostly mountain biking type, with the odd foray into gravel, 'cross and even road. Fuelled by coffee and porridge. Driver of Van. Known to race at times. Happy place being out the door and in the hills - local or further afield, all is good with two wheels in the dirt. 


3 years 8 months ago

And if you don't want to swap to Microspline wheels this whole review matches my experience of Deore 11sp (M5100). It just gets on with the job unobtrusively. Shifting is easy and precise, the rear mech is a masterpiece, and the clutch does its job too - to the point that I don't really notice it. It's cheap too - I did my whole build for around £175. Much like Jim the only thing I might change is going to a 34T chainring as I feel a bit under-geared on flat sections. Not something I'll do until I'm back on long summer rides with road transitions to cover though. 

Price list:

11-51 cassette - £50 (agreed, it's a masterpiece)

Rear Mech - £40

Chain - £20

Cranks - £45 (there are non-series options that are functionally equivalent)

Shifter - £25

Factor in that you'll easily pick up £50 or so for the bits you've removed to upgrade and it's a great winter project.

Only problem is that bits are in short supply at the moment - the German resellers seem to have best stock.

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