Everything you need to know about tubeless repair kits - Trailside puncture repair for tubeless tyres

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3 months 5 days ago

And all of them a huge faff compared to Dynaplugs. Smaller, no fiddly setup and (if you get the air version) you can top up your pressure in moments. I'd be confident that I could be on my way again in under 2 minutes and that's mostly faffing with the tool roll I keep it in! 

3 months 5 days ago

Its worth noting a couple of caveats for Road tubeless users.  Firstly a slick road tire can be quite senstive to the lump of the plug and cutting flush to the almost treadless tyre is quite tricky.

Secondly I've had instances where the seal isnt perfect and the tyre loses air faster than you would like.

As a matter of course when I get home I replace plugs with a tubeless patch, which is just a slightly thicker version of an inner tube patch.  100% seal and no plug protruding.  Hutchinson make the kits - not many others seem to.