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Residing in the valleys of South Wales, Jessica Strange is our editor at You'll probably find her on either a mountain or gravel bike in the Afan Valley Forest, either riding or guiding visitors around the trails. As a qualified bike mechanic, if Jessica isn't riding her bike, you can bet she's tinkering with one! When not fettling with bikes or blowing her legs out on the trails, self-proclaimed tea-addict Jessica is a colossal sci-fi fanatic.


9 months 5 days ago

Secret_squirrel wrote:
@sriracha.  I presume the higher pressures are for suspension forks as mentioned in the headline.

you are correct. My comments were a bit hasty and wide of the mark all round really - but then I am not able to edit the post.

9 months 6 days ago

@sriracha.  I presume the higher pressures are for suspension forks as mentioned in the headline.

9 months 6 days ago

The original D2 is a superb bit of kit, the light up display and the full rotation probably aids use.  For the bike I have never needed full head rotation but when I have to do the better half a tyres on her car, the wheels are a little more difficult to rotate.

9 months 6 days ago

I've owned my D2 for about 6.5 years now and have been happy with it. I even dropped it in water once and it took me several minutes to fish out, yet it was fine afterwards despite not being advertised as waterproof.

I have pressure standards at work, I should test its accuracy some time.

9 months 1 week ago

Did you find any use for the measurement range above the 17bar limit of the D2, or even above the 10bar limit of the SKS? If not, why do you construe the higher 18bar limit as an advantage? If anything, in relegating most readings to a lower percentage of full scale it is likely to adversely impact accuracy, for no worthwhile gain.


What did you think about the smaller size of the readout compared to the D2? Has the D2X lost the bleed valve which is present on the D2?


How did you calibrate the reference pressure meter (on the track pump) before using it to discern the accuracy of the DX2? 


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