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Jim Clarkson

Lakes based mostly mountain biking type, with the odd foray into gravel, 'cross and even road. Fuelled by coffee and porridge. Driver of Van. Known to race at times. Happy place being out the door and in the hills - local or further afield, all is good with two wheels in the dirt. 


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4 years 6 days ago

They are a stretchy -it'd be worth trying one on. I used mine all through Storm Dennis when walking the dog (2hrs at a time), my head stayed perfectly dry and I didn't need to use a hood - perfect! 

4 years 1 week ago

I have considered these hats before, I liked the idea of a waterproof and windproof beanie.

Never for wearing under the helmet, I have various scullcaps and a headband for that, more for when I'm waiting at the train station, those platforms get proper cold and windy, especially if a bit damp or wet from the ride, or when locking up the bike and wandering about.

Part of the warm down process, or the warm up if I get to work proper frozen.

Is it a big one size, or is there a fair bit of stretch? Large head.

I have a nice Salomon one at the moment, always lives in the bag.  But not wind or waterproof.  Fits nice though.

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