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Lakes based mostly mountain biking type, with the odd foray into gravel, 'cross and even road. Fuelled by coffee and porridge. Driver of Van. Known to race at times. Happy place being out the door and in the hills - local or further afield, all is good with two wheels in the dirt. 


3 years 4 months ago

Ah, I'm glad it's not just me. I put bleed and fade issues down to being a noob at setting up hydros and was going to get my LBS to do a proper bleed (2 month waiting list at the moment). The rear brake was fine out the of the box, just slightly longer travel than I expected, but the front was awful. Echo Shimano's guidance on winding out the free stroke screw (NB it's JIS and tight and soft, make sure you've got either a decent JIS screwdriver or a very good Philips). I also found that it needed a very good syringe and connection to the bleed nipple to push fluid through. Overall not at all what I expected from XT level kit

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