8 months 3 weeks ago

Hi Miller,

Yes, we are still that very same Principia.

Have a great day!

/Principia Bikes

8 months 4 weeks ago

I have to say, this sounds like an awful lot of dough to hand over considering the spec.  All those Ti frames look like if they were made with the same cookie cutter (I'm riding one myself). 

On their site there's a size 58 available for taller riders.  However, I can't find any geometry data listed anywhere.  If the figures for their other gravel bikes on geometrygeeks are anything to go by, it should be on the slack/stable side though, contrary to what the test report says.  But without figures, impossible to tell.

9 months 19 hours ago

I normally cringe when I see posters moaning about the price of new kit, but this has breached my WTF threshold. There's no going back, that's the real shame.

9 months 20 hours ago

Is this the same Principia that was making classy alloy road frames 20 years ago?

9 months 4 days ago

Liking the new test report.  

Cannondale just phoned in and want their 90's HeadShok back....

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