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Lakes based mostly mountain biking type, with the odd foray into gravel, 'cross and even road. Fuelled by coffee and porridge. Driver of Van. Known to race at times. Happy place being out the door and in the hills - local or further afield, all is good with two wheels in the dirt. 


1 year 9 months ago

I have a RAW, having bought one of the first production models. I love it. It's got real character, and is agile without being skittish, and stable without getting sluggish. It's a great bike, and is just progressive enough to be good for both trail and long distance riding. The option for male threaded bottle mounts is brilliant for using a long dropper in a smaller frame. No chainstay plate either, which is a bonus for me. It's also fabricated just down the road from me, which was very appealing, and the quality of the fabrication and painting is overall really, really good.

But, this is an expensive hardtail sold on the basis of having superb attention to detail, and my (admittedly early in production) model had some niggles. Firstly the aformentioned male threaded bottle bosses had left a sizable enough burr/obstruction inside the tubing to scratch up the dropper post. The threads everywhere other than the bottom bracket needed tapping properly, including the brake mounts, as getting them in required a bolt-breaking level of torque.

These are small but fundamental details that I think should be considered when charging approaching £1700 for a frame and then marketing the product on the quality of build and attention to detail. That said, the positives certainly outweigh any small problems.

1 year 9 months ago

Would be interested to see how this compares to the upcoming Fairlight Holt. Although full details of the Holt haven't been released yet, it certainly appear to be filling the same niche, and Fairlight do have a habit of delivering bikes with plenty of attention to detail but without quite such a steep price.

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