New prototype 750d wheel size spotted at SBT GRVL

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7 months 1 week ago

AFAIK, if following the French size naming conventions, then before having a "750d" size then we need to have a 750a, 750b, and 750c that have similar external tire diameters but different rim sizes/tyre heights, but that isn't the case (maybe 750a could be a good name for current 29" tires in that case, so maybe these new gravel setups could be 750b, not 750d). However, it makes far more sense to just used the rim diameter, and call it a 660mm. See Sheldon Brown for more info on current sizes and naming conventions:

7 months 2 weeks ago

Oh good lord just NO.

The difference isnt a big deal and widening frame to support fatter tyres (for a narrow use case) is far more preferable.