Aldi launch new cycling range with great savings to be had

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Liam Mercer

Deputy Tech Editor here at Liam can also be found photographing bikes as well as riding them. He's not shy of an enduro here or there and he's equally happy in the winter slop as he is ripping up the summer's dust.


1 year 10 months ago

From past experience - the Merino was great, the very basic back wheel lifting stand was ok but folded badly, the lights looked like I would not trust them to charge unsupervised and the MucOff was all from their 'Urban' range I had not seen before-  I asked Muc Off if the quality was identical to what we normally see but they did not answer.

1 year 10 months ago

TBH Im not sure why they didnt do this sooner. They would of made an absolute bomb during lockdown. Nice to see them keeping up with the Leyzne knock offs. Ive got two of the Moon Nebula knock offs and they are still going strong although ive heard stories about them failing within weeks to a 1year. (battery wont charge or will no longer hold its charge)