13 of the best ways to attach gear to your mountain or gravel bike for shorter to day long rides

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9 months 8 hours ago

kevvjj wrote:


If you are happy to try and put a mud encrusted and filthy tube in your tyre then use a frame strap.



I've been using a frame strap for last few years and love them on all the bikes. Never had a problem. If conditions are grim then I use a Louri dry bag to protect all contents. Much more convenient than a saddle bag and the mud won't effect the zip which was always when they failed for me

9 months 1 day ago

Does ANYBODY proof read ANYTHING at road.cc before it's published? This copy looks like it was written by somebidg possessing only a passing familiarity with the English language

9 months 1 day ago

Whilst undertaking the Transpennine last year I suffered a puncture 26 miles from my finish, no problem I thought, as I swapped the tube then attempted to use my pump that had been attached to my bottle cage, alas the mud and grime accumulated during the day had made my pump useless. 

Lesson learned, bought a better pump and CO2 pump and keep them protected from the worst of the elements by slipping them inside an old tube cut to size.

p.s. Thanks Linda once again for the recovery service that night.

9 months 1 day ago

If you are happy to try and put a mud encrusted and filthy tube in your tyre then use a frame strap.