Bikepacking basics: bike repair and first-aid kit


4 years 3 months ago

If the rules in the UK forbid a knife of any useful size take a small camping hatchet instead, it will do all that a knife will do and more. I bought a real cheap one that had a hammer on the opposite side of the axe blade, so now I don't need a tent stake hammer, and some goofy simple tools.  This axe I bought was only $10, but due to it's cheap price I noticed the head was fastened to the handle by just 3 rivets, fine I'm not chopping down trees with it but it concerned me, so I took some JB Weld steel glue (the kind you have to mix two elements together) and I put a fairly thick coating on the outside and on the inside to give it some additional support.  I have used it with no problems yet, but it does work great for thinly slicing some wood for kindling, it will chop limbs too big to break with your hands, it pounds my tent stakes in, so it's been quite handy.  Obvously you can buy better axes than the one I got, but I'm doing eveything as cheaply as I can and if works great, if not I'll buy a better axe, but so far it's holding up great.  No matter what axe/hatchet you get you need to sharpen it before every outing.

You would be surprise though at how much inexpensive small camping stuff stuff you can get at Walmart that is exactly the same as the more expensive brands for a lot less money, and they work great and last a long time.  They even have stoves on Amazon now that only cost $13 or so, I got one of those and it works just as good as my friends $75 dollar one!  There are YouTube videos that show you stuff you can buy for cheap that works just great touring or backpacking.

4 years 3 months ago

Knives with pliers are very useful but we beware the rules in the UK.

If you have a blade larger than 3" and/or it has a safety lock then then unless you have a good reason for having it on you that could be a mandatory prison sentence.

Now if you're camping you can probably justify having a lock knife on on you... unless you pop to the shops and still have in a jersey pocket then you could get into trouble if you're stopped.

It's much, much easier to go with something with a sub-3" friction folding blade like a Victorinox Swisschamp.  Still has pliers and blades but you can take it almost anywhere without the need for a prior justification.

Just a thought.