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Rachael is happiest on two wheels, she's been riding bikes for a good few years now after horses got too expensive! Partial to a race or two Rachael also likes getting out into the hills with a big bunch of mates. She's been writing for publications such as, Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine, Mountain Biking UK, Bike Radar, New Zealand Mountain Biker and was also the online editor for Spoke magazine in New Zealand too. For as long as she's been riding and is equally happy getting stuck into a kit review as she is creating stories, she also coaches mountain biking and when she's not busy with all the above she's serving coffee from a horse trailer!


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6 months 1 day ago

Hard to give firm advice on this one without seeing your proportions. I suggest comparing the geometry to another bike that you have ridden and see if it matches up or use the Bergamont Size Finder, that suggests you might need a 55cm.....

6 months 4 days ago

would a 53 cm be good for 177cm height?

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