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3 years 10 months ago

These are the same bibs: it's just Gore renamed them C3. They got 4.5 stars. I rate them highly


My review: I have used the non-padded ones, and non-30th anniversary now 3 times, from 1C to 9C. 9C was a bit too warm. I noticed in the review the mention of using a non-softshell material behind the legs; actually it is Windstopper material used all over the legs and waist, but behind the legs and at the ankles to mid-way up the calves is non-fleeced Windstopper. The way to tell is simply blow hard on this part of the fabric and see if any breath gets through, regular fleecy/stretchy material (like used on the belly area and lower part of the back, air will get straight through. So if anything these should be more insulating and slightly therefore less ventilating than the Oxygen version (as they claim to have fleecy/stretchy material behind the legs), but like the reviewer I haven’t tried the Oxygen version. So found at 1C they were plenty warm, but my body temp. obviously runs a little hotter than the reviewer. I had to go for a large as I bought medium and could hardly pull them up over my thighs. I am 5ft 10" and 31.5" which should be the size chart mean the mediums would be a little big on me, which isn't the case. Considering the whole material is Windstopper there is a good amount of stretch in the material to mean there seems to be no restriction in movement. Very impressive. I used them in 4C, only for about 15 minutes of hail and then rain and the water beaded up perfectly. I went for the ones with the fluorescent ankle section; bit of silly place to put it because of all the road spray and oil flecks that hit right there, but after a wash it all came out. This same ankle section at the front is quite baggy, either to put the tights over overshoes (like the reviewer said) or maybe to pull the tights off whilst keeping your shoes on- why you would want to do that I am not sure. 

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