Jet wash proof bearings? Cane Creek and SKF launch solid lubricant range

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10 months 10 hours ago

Nick T wrote:


What happened to the ADB grease free bearings


Dunno. But this is about keeping the grit out. Did grease-free bearings have something about them that kept the grit out of that grease-free space around the balls?

10 months 12 hours ago

My bikes get plenty dirty but I've never needed a jet wash.

Manufacturers should also make the effort to not skimp and to seal the bearings well in the first place.

10 months 14 hours ago

Or just service your bike regularly? 

10 months 16 hours ago

I asked my dad about these, until last year when he retired he'd worked at SKF for more than 40 years, apparently the point about friction in the hubs is kind of valid, but in percentage terms it's unlikely to be very noticeable, especially vs a set of bearings that are 6 months old+. 

10 months 1 day ago

What happened to the ADB grease free bearings