What is the spirit of gravel biking?

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Lance Branquinho is a Namibian-born media professional who graduated to mountain biking after injuries curtailed his fascination with trail running. He has a weakness for British steel hardtails, especially those which only run a single gear. Lance is an award-winning writer who has contributed to myriad piblications all over the world including Cyclingnews, Bike Perfect, MBR, Topgear, TopCar and Car magazine.


11 months 2 weeks ago

For me, graveling is simply taking watever bicycle you want that has no motor in it and to use it to ride tours that take in paved surfaces, hardpack, stretches of mud...whatever..and may the best -or the one who most judiciously selected his material- win.

Then the godforsaken UCI stepped in and before long there will be rules about the type of socks that are to be worn.  Look at what happened at unbound with the aero bars.  What BS.  If people feel that the weight penalty from these things is compensated by their convenience, by all means, let them mount aero bars (and good luck not breaking every bone in their face if they inadvertently hit a pothole).

Crap, I hope they don't get their claws on the audax world.