SRAM eTap AXS x Ribble Gravel Ti spotted at Grinduro


1 year 8 months ago

Nice bottle cages.

From the Ribble site, stainless steel.

But custom ti, maybe, on a ti prototype?

1 year 8 months ago

Why do you keep on advertising for Ribble when they just don't deliver?

A missive to illustrate just how shamefully poor the systems are for Ribble Cycles.  I have never before experienced anything like it and it started with an order for a Ribble Hybrid AL e Step through on 4 September 2021 for my Mum. The delivery date given was 4 March 2022 – some way off but with the parts shortages and production shutdowns caused by Covid, we thought that was acceptable.

Come the week leading up to 4 March an email arrived saying that due to component shortages the delivery would be delayed until 22 April. Very disappointing but would still be arriving in time for the better cycling weather.

On 21 April another email arrived to say that delivery would again be delayed all the way to 3 June. With 3 June being the Jubilee bank holiday my Mum telephoned Ribble to ask if it would be delayed by a couple of days due to the long holiday weekend, only to be told that the bike had arrived but the paintwork on the frame wasn’t up to standard so would have to be re-sprayed. The job would take 5 weeks and a new delivery date was given as 8 July.

Come 5/6 July and yet another, “sorry there is another delay.” The excuse this time was that there was a component shortage, seemingly forgetting that the previous excuse was bad paint job. Bear in mind that I have ordered a number of SRAM components for my son’s mountain bike during these months, with the longest wait being 5 days. Either I have better connections with suppliers than Ribble  or something is awry. The new delivery date is now 26 August, just a couple of weeks shy of one year from order to delivery!

A very disappointed Mum tells Ribble to cancel the order and starts to look for another bike, only to find a brand new, boxed, Ribble Hybrid AL e diamond frame bike available on eBay on 7 July! Yes, someone had decided that they didn’t actually want the newly arrived bike so were selling it. Bearing in mind that anyone who has actually received one of these bikes has likely been waiting the best part of a year, I find that hard to believe.

We tried everything to get Ribble to send the bike but there was no offer of help or compromise and I sincerely regret pointing my Mum towards Ribble.   Fortunately I found the last small Orbea Vibe Mid H10 step through e-bike in the UK, and discounted, at The Bike Factory in Chester.   Couldn’t believe it and they set up the bike and carried out all the checks in just a couple of days (a timeframe unknown to Ribble).