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Airtime progression and tech found just off the A303
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Located just 20 minutes off the A303, Wind Hill B1kepark is a mecca for those with a penchant for airtime. Although Wind Hill is known for its mega jumps, there’s something for everyone, whether you're an airtime novice or a seasoned pro. There are also a number of techy trails thrown in for good measure.

Wind Hill Bikepark is known for its downhill trails with a free-ride flair. Hidden within the Longleat Estate, all of the trails wind down either face of a valley with two push up paths reaching from bottom to top of both sides.

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Riders have a selection of eight trails to get stuck into, four of those being more downhill orientated with the remaining four following a freeride style. Each of the trails starts off at a roll-in ramp and branch off from there. The trails are graded from blue to black with the Lozenge system that’s common with downhill runs. One dot on the Lozenge indicates an easier trail, whereas three dots hint towards something spicier.

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Wind Hill makes great use of the valley’s elevation and offers an impressive range of trails in a comparatively small area. Trails include super techy root gardens, flow sections with sculpted berms, and jump lines ideal for progression. 30-40ft jumps can be found along the left side of the valley with Wind Hill’s website describing them as, “frankly ludicrous in size”. A quick glance at the website in advance to get an idea of what to expect from each trail is very helpful.

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As for what bike you’ll need, Wind Hill can be ridden on anything from a hardtail to a full-on downhill rig, depending on the trails you’re looking to ride. Although, thanks to a lack of an uplift service and two pretty fierce push-up paths, an e-bike makes an awful lot of sense here.

As a B1KEPARK location (including Rogate, Tidworth Freeride, and more) riders must sign up as a member before purchasing a £10 day ticket before arriving at the park. There is also an annual 'full' B1KEPARK membership for £125. That includes entry to each of B1KEPARK’s locations and some discounts on coaching, merch, and race entries for the whole year. Do note though, that B1KEPARK members will need to purchase an "Annual Member" day pass before each visit for £5, which will be promptly refunded upon attendance.

Amenity details: 

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Car parking is free but a short pedal away from the park itself. Once kitted up, head left out of the car park where you’ll find a gated fire road. Thereafter, the entrance to the bike park is clearly signposted.

Ammenities at Wind Hill Bike Park are pretty basic, there’s a portable building where you’ll show your membership and pre-paid ticket QR codes for entry. Not far from the main hub, there’s a seating area where you can cool off before climbing up the wooden roll-in. There are portaloos nearby. 

If you're looking to brush up on your mountain biking skills, private and 1-2-1 coaching is available with prices starting from £75.

Nearby facilities: 

Bike servicing, sales, and repairs

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated bike repair or sales service at Wind Hill B1KEPARK, asides from a bike stand and a few tethered tools. If you were looking for more serious repair or to stock up on spares before hitting the trails, Pronto Bikes in Frome is a 14-minute drive from the bikepark.

Food, drink and shops

The nearest town to Wind Hill is Warminster where you can find supermarkets along with a number of pubs and hotels.

Where to stay

Warminster is also home to a range of B&Bs and hotels. Namely, there's a Travelodge an eight-minute drive away. The George Inn offers rooms as well as dining another eight-minute drive away and in the centre of Warminster, the local Wetherspoons offers rooms and dining. That one's an eight-minute drive away too!

If you're looking to explore the trails dotted around the surrounding area, fancy whipping out the gravel bike or want to see what's around on two feet, be sure to check Komoot to unveil even more routes in the nearby area.

Wind Hill B1KEPARK

The Red Way
Wiltshire, England BA12 7JW
United Kingdom


  • Parking
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