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3 years 3 months ago

This seems quite overpriced....

I recently purchased an Lezyne Energy Caddy XL for the princely sum of £23. Sure its ever so slightly a little bit smaller. 0.8L compared to the 1.1L but its hard to justify paying well over double the price for a measly extra 0.3L of extra storage. Id be taking smaller items from my Lezyne and putting them in my jersey or jacket pockets instead to help manage the space or just organise what a put in a little better.

At the moment it carries my Note 9 Pro and two flapjacks for training rides and there is plenty of more space to fit in more items.



Also -- If youre going to include measurements. please include ALL of them. you've got the length, Height and tapering but you neglect to include the width/thickness of it.

Ive checked out your other top tube bag reviews and your inclusion of measurements is very inconsistant. sometimes you mention only the length, sometimes you mention only the width, sometimes you dont mention it at all. sometimes you mention one thing but not the other etc etc etc.

Ive checked out the product website and they have only listed the same measurements that you have meaning that either you possibly didnt get the product in for review or it was a lazily written peice with some element of copy paste (either/or)

More pictures of what it looks like inside empty and loaded up would have also been a nice touch so people can get some idea of what a 1.1L bag is capable of. People can also see if the bag is split into compartments or if it has a soft lining inside.


Sorry if my tone comes across as a little abrassive, that was not my intention but the review could have been better. Sometimes articles and reviews are badly written too so dont think that youre the only one that is guilty of the same thing.


My critique is based on what i would want to hear/see from a review.

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