New 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper morphs into two models in two wheelsizes

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1 year 1 week ago

Ah, hush my mouth! I've just looked at the US site. They do get an alloy version of the new bikes with the "sidearm" frame. Perhaps not the most PC moniker considering. So just us poor Euros who have to settle for an "old" bike if we can only afford an economy version.

Love the ad vid though must say. Nice to see some humour being used.

1 year 1 week ago

Looking at the Spesh (UK) site shows the 2 alloy comp models as 650b or 29/fattie6. So I guess the alloy versions of the new Stumpy are not yet available or Spesh are being a little naughty claiming the revised model is available carbon or alloy. 

I don't like picking holes but when the ad copy claims "we're eliminating the b#ll$hit" this sticks in the craw. If the Ally versions are to come, fine but don't lump the "old" model in with the new ones.