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The LifeLine X-Tools Pro Chain Cleaner is a simple, well-designed and extremely sturdy device that strips filth out of your chain with a few spins of the crank. It's easy to use, does an effective job and comes at a great price – there's really nothing about it to dislike.

The Pro Chain Cleaner might be plastic, but in use the whole thing feels solid, with a good handle that connects stiffly with the body. Inside the tool a series of bristles and foam surfaces spin across your chain, prodding, scrubbing and polishing away the gunk in a bath of degreaser.

The blue funnel even has a spring-loaded tab that lets you squirt in fresh fluid with a push of a thumb – a nice touch.


In testing, even especially grimy chains only needed a few laps of this chain tool to start looking really clean. It seemed to do as well with dedicated degreaser as with neat bike wash, too, as the brushes and rollers seem to agitate the surfaces well.


The solid build, effective scrubbing action and removable handle (actually quite handy for storage) that's nevertheless entirely sturdy all make for a great little gadget. Even at £20 it's a time-saving bargain, but as LifeLife X-Tools is a Wiggle brand, and Wiggle rarely seem to charge RRP for anything, it should be even better value than that.

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