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Deputy Tech Editor here at Liam can also be found photographing bikes as well as riding them. He's not shy of an enduro here or there and he's equally happy in the winter slop as he is ripping up the summer's dust.


3 years 6 months ago

Thought I would try my universal log in, just because I can now.

I own the IB-2, I wanted more hex keys, especially the 8mm (I could not for the life of me find a 6-8mm thingy) and a T25, but as I carry around the CT-5 and still have my Cool tool, I didn't want a chain tool.  It is very good, proper quality as I would expect from Park, good sizing on the Hexes.  What I really would like is not a Phillips head screwdriver (I have one on my swiss army penknife) but a JIS or equivalent.  My "cross head" deraillier and brake adjusters are are all Shimano.

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