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Deputy Tech Editor here at Liam can also be found photographing bikes as well as riding them. He's not shy of an enduro here or there and he's equally happy in the winter slop as he is ripping up the summer's dust.


1 month 1 week ago

For me the real benefit isn't dry feet, it's dry boots. If you're riding every day (or twice a day as a commuter) not having to squelch into sopping wet shoes is important. I took to alternating shoes when I was commuting and these signs solve that issue. I also worry about what the constant soaking and drying cycle does to non waterproof shoes. 

I've owned mine since September but due to a combination of an op, injury, and COVID they still haven't seen a puddle. Hopefully that will change soon. Will be trying them for road riding too

1 month 2 weeks ago

I bought mine for commuting in rainy Glasgow and they're perfect for that.

Agree about the criticisms:
I went up half a size so I can get two pairs of sock in em to keep my feet warm., but that means thy're not sweaty in what we laughingly call "summer" here (the rain is marginally less cold).
The laces are REALLY thin (I'm surprised they haven't either snapped or cut through the shoes) and they really need a lace tidy because they're too long.

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