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Based in north Devon, Pete is a true outdoorsman; passionate about all things bike and surf. He's in his happy place pulling into heavy tubes or getting amongst it on the bike! Loves steep natural woodsy tech and big days on the moors in equal measure. Hits the occasional enduro, and although old enough to know better - still has the urge to push himself be it on bike or board! Been riding and racing MTB for over 30 years (Yikes!) and in that time , has gained considerable experience and knowledge of the sport. 


1 year 1 week ago

I own this, and agree it's an excellent piece of kit. This is the first CO2 inflator I've owned so I don't have anything to compare it to directly, but I did my homework before buying and it certainly seemed to tick all the boxes. My main motivation for buying was getting tubeless tyres to seat - I have one pair of wheels that are just a nightmare, even with an Airshot. But this delivers CO2 rapidly and seats them easily. Given you can control/stop airflow easily, I managed to seat four gravel tyres with one cartridge (albeit all to very low pressure). And given it's so portable, if I have a puncture mid-ride that leads to an unseated tyre, it should be possible to reseat the tyre in the wild - something that would certainly be impossible otherwise (there's still the bail out option of putting a tube in, but I would rather avoid that!).

Just one thing to add to the review for a fair price comparison: It's available with 2x 25g cartidges (as reviewed), but also with 2x 16g cartridges (£28) or as the head only (£25) (this option doesn't include the silicon sleeve). 

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