15 Terrible pieces of MTB advice: Ask the audience

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Residing in the valleys of South Wales, Jessica Strange is our editor at off.road.cc. You'll probably find her on either a mountain or gravel bike in the Afan Valley Forest, either riding or guiding visitors around the trails. As a qualified bike mechanic, if Jessica isn't riding her bike, you can bet she's tinkering with one! When not fettling with bikes or blowing her legs out on the trails, self-proclaimed tea-addict Jessica is a colossal sci-fi fanatic.


1 year 11 months ago

The biggest surprise for me in my switch from road to MTB is that the technique isn't natural, to the point that at times it's downright counter-intuitive. It's taken a lot of watching others and reading articles to give me the confidence to ride more quickly - particularly with regard to leaning the bike and decoupling from the saddle. I just assumed after 50-odd years of riding on tarmac it would be easy to transition.