First Look: Verenti Substance II Apex1

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Jon Woodhouse

Jon has been a lover of riding bikes in dirt for well over half of his life now. After stints working in bike shops, spannering bikes and guiding people down Alpine mountains, he found his way into the mountain bike media and he's been there ever since, having edited websites and magazines. He now heads up the whole shebang at He like messing about with tyres, tweaking suspension and generally playing with anything cool, new and techy. When it comes to riding, he likes steep and technical descents and big days out with friends, getting away from it all. Drop bars or risers - it's all good... 


1 week 1 day ago


I was wondering - when are you planning to publish the full review of the bike?



2 months 4 weeks ago

Good point, it does give plenty of space to weld onto, I just think it looks odd on a skinny steel frame. And yes, the Wheels Mfg bottom bracket is the perfect solution. We've also got the Hope screw together BB in to test as well...

3 months 3 days ago

PF30 is a bit strange on steel bikes, but looking at Genesis practice with Volare steel - big BB shell gives a lot of stiffness. There is a solution from Wheels Manufacturing - screw together bracket. I've just bought this bike in Shimano drivetrain and sold that stupid FSA chainset straight away, swaped to Ultegra. Like the paint quality, tyre clearance is MASSIVE,  assembling is not the best, stem was too tight on a carbon steerer...

3 months 3 days ago

Sad for the press fit BB  :/
Can you try panaracer comet 27.5 x 2 , is there enough clearance ?

3 months 6 days ago

Mmmmm - we grimaced too..... Sad

3 months 1 week ago

Totally agree with 1961BikiE, everything sounds great but the press fit BB. I'd be interesting how it faired against the Pinnicle Arkose 3. Also as a roadie interested in getting an adventure bike any chance of doing a comparison between getting an adventure bike or a 29er hardtail mountain bike? 


3 months 1 week ago

Was looking good until I read "press fit BB". Why oh why on a steel frame? I can understand the arguments for it in carbon frames, especially mass production, but with all the negative reports I've read I'd be very wary. Puts me off this straight away TBH. Shame really.