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The stretchy camouflage Showers Pass Lightweight Crosspoint Waterproof Socks proved to be a great companion for warm dry feet this winter. Like other brands, there is some water ingress from the top but its still a mostly toasty affair.

Waterproof socks are becoming a staple addition to any bikers winter apparel, and for good reason too. For many years I’ve swapped between placing my feet numerous different brands of waterproof socks or just a good quality merino layer.

Like the similar knitted waterproof gloves, the Crosspoint’s use Showers Pass’ 3 layer construction which utilises a wear resistant knit exterior, a breathable and waterproof Artex membrane and a Coolmax base layer. That knit outer has seen its fair share of brambles and crud in the past few months and is still looking fresh with its cool camo print and so far, despite basically walking around in a pond on every ride for the past 2 months, they’ve proven perfectly waterproof. They’re fairly lightweight, all day comfortable and fit snugly due to their stretchy construction. Unlike some of their competition, they have no silicone around the cuff to prevent splashes from going over the top, but, the trails are so damn wet right now, that’s hardly a real concern.

Showers Pass Crosspoint Knit Waterproof Socks-2.jpg
These 'lightweight' socks come in a cool camo colour


One problem that’s not unique to the Crosspoints is when water does infiltrate from that upper cuff, and trust me, it will happen as it does with every waterproof sock I’ve ever used, is what happens to the water then? Well, it stays inside of course! In some ways it's not actually a bad thing as the water can often warm up and become an insulating layer, much like that of a wetsuit. They fend off the worst of it before that happens though and would be almost impossible to prevent.

Showers Pass Crosspoint Knit Waterproof Socks-3.jpg
Super stretchy, 3 layer socks


I struggle massively with circulation to my extremities meaning winter is often a tough one for my fingers and toes. This is where waterproof socks prove questionable for me as I find my feet can often stay stone cold inside. I can only fathom that potentially the membrane somehow prevents an insulating effect. I find I get marginally less ‘ice block-like’ digits with a good merino layer however, that said, Showers Pass’ Crosspoints have genuinely been the warmest waterproof socks I’ve used, despite these camo additions being of their ‘lightweight’ variety. With my rather bizarre blood flow, the Crosspoint is an ideal fringe season sock but it’ll be toasty for a large percentage of you whose bodies work as they should!

Showers Pass Crosspoint Knit Waterproof Socks-4.jpg
Water will get down the top but it stays warm once in....


At £29 for such a good looking and high performing waterproof sock, adding a pair to your winter apparel is really a no-brainer, especially if you only have one pair of shoes which are likely to be wet inside for the following 3 months. Wet shoes, dry feet - lush!

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