What food would you take on a bike packing overnighter?


Morning - What food would you take on a bike packing overnighter? 
I'm off on a two day trip (my first of many I hope!) and want some advice on what kind of food to pack? I'm thinking the dehydrated kind but what brand is best? And what flavours are good! 
Also what snacks do you like - I need some inspiration!



5 years 11 months ago

I'm a big fan of making a little one-pot meal of proper food from scratch. Dehydrated is alright but its like being a student if you're living on super noodles and its not exactly tasty. Ready meals in sachets are surprisingly good but really expensive.

Sounds a bit fancy but it's about as hard to cook up some fresh pasta or gnocchi in water, drain then throw in some sauce as any of those options though. You can usually find a shop before nightfall so you aren't humping it about for ages anyway, unless you're right in the wilderness.

Sauce wise pesto is nice but it's usually in a glass container which is a pain. Passata from a carton is a bit easier to deal with once its empty as it folds flat. A bit of dried sausage or chorizo thrown in there always makes it even better too. Make sure you nick some salt and pepper sachets from service stations for seasoning too. 

Having a little bottle of hot sauce like Tabasco is always a good idea to liven up the food whatever you do though.

5 years 11 months ago

Back Country Cuisine food tastes great but I'm not sure you can get hold of it over here. it's an NZ brand -

I always make date and nut balls as a snack - they are a good sugar hit, easy to make (no cooking) they don't go off and are still good when you have squashed and buried them in a pack or bag!

have a good trip Smile

5 years 11 months ago

Hi Jim, thanks for the reply! I will go shopping and test some food out - Maybe have to eat it outside in the garden to really get in the zone!

I'll be camping so I think main meals will have to be dehydrated to save weight as we will be carrying a stove - or at least parts of it between us. 

Cliff bars it is - love those things!


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5 years 11 months ago

I like a mix of things - real, proper food and some dehydrated stuff for space saving. 
Ideally, food that tastes nice and gives you the energy you want - last thing you want is to not enjoy the trip 'cos your food is yuck. I'd try and get some small packs of food and test them out first.

Are you camping or going to bivi? will you pass shops or places to eat (pubs etc)
Snacks - I like the good old trail mix bags of fruit and nuts. Maybe some gels and bars you are used to eating for convienence.

let us know how it goes!

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