Chromag Fubars OSX 35 handlebar

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At a full 800mm, this 35mm diameter OSX is Canadian brand Chromag’s widest aluminium bar. It’s DH-rated, but also light enough for trail or enduro riding and has cut marks to saw it narrower if your shoulders aren’t that broad. With a 5-degree up and 8-degree back sweep, the geometry is the same as the original, 31.8mm OSX, but the central zone uses the oversized clamp size.

Chromag’s bar is made from 7000 series aluminium, which is one of the highest strength alloys on the market, and the thicker diameter means the bar can be made even stronger without adding any extra weight. Different shaping and extrusions make handlebars feel very different between brands, and some 35mm bars have often proven too stiff and jarring for me; something that amplifies vibration and feedback from the terrain, fatiguing hands and arms. 

This isn’t the case here though. Chromag has the nailed the OSX’s ride feel, and while it’s really solid and precise, it’s also well damped and comfortable. With no excessive harshness or vibration, and geometry shared with a lot of other brands that is really comfortable and natural, the OSX just lets you get on with riding.

Chromag bars_4.jpg
At a full 800mm, these are plenty wide

The lairy graphics might be a bit too much for some, but they are at least pretty durable and hard to scuff. If you’re looking for a seriously beefy handlebar that doesn’t beat you up, this 35mm OSX is a great option at a price that’s decent for the performance and quality on offer. 

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