UK MTBers up for Hall of Fame glory

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Jon Woodhouse

Jon has been a lover of riding bikes in dirt for well over half of his life now. After stints working in bike shops, spannering bikes and guiding people down Alpine mountains, he found his way into the mountain bike media and he's been there ever since, having edited websites and magazines. He now heads up the whole shebang at He like messing about with tyres, tweaking suspension and generally playing with anything cool, new and techy. When it comes to riding, he likes steep and technical descents and big days out with friends, getting away from it all. Drop bars or risers - it's all good... 


4 months 2 days ago

With ref to Peaty's comment  "No Yorkshireman will pay that just to vote for me.” come on we're better than that...

One less coffee, chunk of Cake or Beer and then split it with your mate and then its only £7.83 or avctually £11.74 per vote as Manley and Behr are Double act. They'll need more of us to vote this way but at least they are getting our vote.